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Pat Metheny and his band will be performing in the Sohail Castle in Fuengirola this weekend
27.06.14 - 16:34 -
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“I’m just beginning to get a sense of it all”
Pat Metheny (right) and his band will be in Fuengirola on Sunday. :: SUR
American guitarist Pat Metheny was born in Missouri and first made a name for himself in the world of jazz during the 1970s, working with Gary Burton.
Throughout the 80s and 90s he established himself as one of the genre’s leading guitar players having produced more than 40 albums during his prolific career.
Metheny and his band The Pat Metheny Group are performing this Sunday at 10.30pm in Fuengirola’s Sohail Castle.
The varied works of Metheny cross between genres and he constantly uses new technology to provide different sounds. However, the artist is not a fan of placing music into specific genres.
“To me, music is one big universal thing,” he said. While music is often spoken about in terms used to describe a type of song, Metheny is more “interested in the spirit and sound of music itself”.
Down the years he has also released recordings with influential artists including:Joni Mitchell, Santana, Jack DeJohnette andBrad Mehldau. It is no surprise then that he is able to adapt his style of playing for a specific song or to create a mood with the audience.
“As far as sound goes, I always try to let the music at hand decide what direction I go in in terms of orchestration (...) it is whatever seems to sound best for what is happening at that particular moment,”he said.
Metheny’s prolific career has enabled him to continue to develop.
“I know it sounds odd after all this time, but I really feel I am just beginning to get a sense of it all. I feel like I am just starting to figure a few things out,” and there is “infinity of things to learn and work on”. It is perhaps this vast knowledge that means the maestro can move effortlessly between pure jazz and pop jazz that makes the genre more accessible to the masses.
This year, the guitarist won the Goya Award for the Best Soundtack to Living is Easy with Eyes Closed. While he enjoys writing for films his main focus is performing and touring as he considers it to be “time well spent”.
Sunday’s concert will be inside the spectacular walls of the Sohail Castle. Tickets can be bought at and cost 45 euros.