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Andalucía is the region that has experienced the largest growth in spending by tourists since last year, with a 16 per cent rise
27.06.14 - 15:18 -
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Tourist spending increases in Andalucía
Tourists admire the yachts at Puerto Banús. :: SUR
During the first five months of the year Andalucía was the region of Spain that saw the biggest increase in spending by foreign tourists. This is according to figures released by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.
There has been a 16.3 per cent increase on last year’s figures. The region received 15.5 per cent of total spending by foreign tourists in all Spain.
The news comes after a campaign was launched this week by officials to maintain loyalty with tourists so that they continue to return. It has also been announced that Marbella and the surrounding area will be marketed abroad as the Spanish equivalent to France’s luxurious Côte d’Azur.


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