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A fundraising concert on Friday 4th July raises money for a local boy's brain surgery in America
27.06.14 - 15:32 -
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Raising money for Jake's US operation
Jake, pictured with his mother Debbie, will be travelling to America in July. :: SUR
The El Chaparral school in Mijas has organised a concert by the Banda de Música AMA (Fuengirola) to raise money for a student who will be travelling to America for life-changing brain operations.
Nine-year-old Jake Rose suffers from Complex Partial Epilepsy and has spent nearly 18 months in hospital over the past three years. He has undergone four major brain operations at a specialised children’s hospital in Madrid. A Focal Cortical Dysplasia was discovered which has resulted in the boy suffering from 150 to 200 seizures a day.
A year ago, doctors told Jake’s family that nothing more could be done in Spain or anywhere else in Europe. They recommended surgery at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. The hospital has the technology to remove the dysplasia without causing too much damage to the brain.
If Jake does not receive surgery by the time he reaches puberty his condition will worsen and result in numerous mental and physical defects. The hospital has set a date for tests to begin on 17 July due to the severity of the problem.
The treatment will cost around 120,000 euros. Friends and family of Jake have been fundraising since November and so far a total of 95,000 euros has been raised.
Fundraising concert
Friday’s performance will be by Fuengirola’s Banda de Música AMA who will play a selection of soundtracks to famous films. The concert takes place at 9pm at the Teatro Las Lagunas in Mijas Costa.
A range of other fundraising initiatives has also been organised. Marbella bar landlord, Gordon Loughnane, is running 10km a day for six months. Meanwhile, Jake’s aunt and uncle will be carrying out a sponsored fun walk and relatives in England are running the Torbay half marathon this weekend.


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