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Schoolchildren and parents took part in Tuesday's demonstration that was organised by a civil platform against the proposed bus station
27.06.14 - 11:52 -
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200 protesters take to the streets to call for bus station to be built at a new site
The protest arriving at the site planned for the future bus station. :: JOSELE-LANZA
Wearing red t-shirts, holding banners and chanting against the local government. Members of the civil platform ‘Por una Estación Digna’ (For a Worthy Station) made sure that their demonstration in San Pedro on Tuesday afternoon gained as much attention as possible.
Some 200 people protested through the streets in an attempt to prevent the construction of a bus station on land located opposite the María Teresa León school. Starting at the Plaza de la Iglesia, the group marched to Ayuntamiento building.
Before the march began, the spokesperson of the group, Marta de la Torre, read a statement in which it was made clear that they will continue fighting for a new location for the bus terminal. “We mothers and fathers started our campaign eight months ago and we now have a platform that is supported by more than 20 associations and political parties,” she said.
The protest ended with the planting of bitter orange trees on the bus station site. Each of the trees was named after members of the local authority “who have been involved in this matter”, said members of the platform.


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