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One of the Andalusian towns the author wrote about, Almuñécar, is marking the writer's centenary with a programme of events this week
23.06.14 - 12:40 -
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Almuñécar celebrates a hundred years of Laurie Lee
Part of the poster advertising next week’s events. :: SUR
Talks, a dramatised reading, concerts, an exhibition and an official act of tribute - these are all part of a three-day commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Laurie Lee taking place in the Granada town of Almuñécar this week.
Laurie Lee, who was born in Slad, Gloucestershire in 1914, famously wrote about walking through Spain in his book, “As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning”.
The book recounts the characters and landscapes Lee encountered in Spain in 1935 and 1936, on his journey from Vigo in Galicia to Almuñécar on the Granada coast, then a modest fishing village (which he named Castillo to protect those he wrote about) where his long journey on foot ended.
The centenary events, organised by Almuñécar Town Hall, will take place between Wednesday June 25th and Friday June 27th.  
Thursday 26th sees the official act of tribute with the unveiling of a new plaque in Paseo del Altillo along with a wreath of flowers. This will be attended by the mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, the British vice-consul in Malaga, Rosslyn Crotty, and the municipal band.
BBC Radio joins in
As part of the centenary celebrations, the morning show presenter from BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Chris Baxter is going to recreate parts of Lee’s famous walk.
Starting out from Slad where Lee’s family lived, Baxter is visiting London before arriving in Almuñécar on June 26th, from where he will present a show between 9am and midday (GMT).
Managing editor of BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Mark Jones, said, “This is a hugely ambitious project for us.
“When we reach Spain we’ll reflect the commemorations in Almuñécar and meet the people who knew him and were inspired by him”.
Laurie Lee’s tale of his trip to Spain in “As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning” was published in 1969, ten years after perhaps his most famous work “Cider With Rosie”.
In 1991 he published “A Moment of War”, about his return to Spain in December 1937 to join the Republican International Brigades.


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