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The fair will be celebrated from the 25th to the 29th of June with diverse activities for the public
20.06.14 - 14:50 -
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Las Lagunas prepares for its big week
Flamenco performances will be one of the main features for the fair. :: M. C. J.
There are only a few days left till Las Lagunas dresses up for its annual fair, which takes place from June 25th to 29th. The most populated area in the municipality of Mijas will be working quickly to decorate and prepare for the fair that also serves to welcome summertime to the town.
The town hall is planning a variety of events, beginning with the inauguration on the 25th at 10.15pm at the fairground. The fairground is located next to the Camino de Campanales. The inauguration will include switching on the fair lights, by the mayor Ángel Nozal and other local authorities. The ‘Grandfather’ and ‘Grandmother’ of the 2014 Fair will be present, having been previously chosen at a dinner honouring senior citizens. They will also do the ribbon-cutting for the event.
Later on, at 10.30pm, the first of the performances will to include the local artist La Caletera accompanied by the Unión del Cante Rociero choir. This is also the only day the children’s rides will cost 1.50 euros.
The next day, 26th, the fair will begin at 8.30pm in the municpial “caseta,” with a performance by the Children’s Dance Group of the Casa de la Cultura. The group A-Compás and the adult group from the municipal courses will provide entertainment during dinner.
At 11.30pm, one of the most important events of the fair will take place, as the ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ as well as ‘Miss Simpatía’ and the Maids of Honour will be crowned. The group Trío de Ases will wrap up the night.
Friday, the 27th, the day fair will begin with a performance by the charanga group Caramelo and Los Mijitas, beginning at 12pm. They will pass by the terraces of bars and restaurants located between the fairground and the streets María Zambrano and Miguel Hernández.
Two hours later, the official inauguration of the day fair programming will get under way with a horse ride that departs from the Peña Caballista close to the Cortijo Don Elías.
Younger children will also be able to participate in the festival with the celebration of the Juegos Populares (traditional popular games) beginning at 6pm. In the afternoon, the ‘Queen’ and the children’s Maids of Honor will be selected.
Friday will progress into a night of Fflamenco with the 27th Velero Flamenco Festival beginning at 10pm. La Cañeta de Málaga, Niño del Gastor, Isabel Guerrero and Juan de Córdoba will participate.
The big day
On Saturday, all who attend the fair during the daytime can partake in a free dish of paella and entertainment provided by the ‘Aprende y Baila’ dance school. During the night, the 27th annual fishing contest “Playa de Mijas”, organised by the sports team La Dorada, will take place.
Returning to the fairground facilities, the official “caseta” will host a performance by Mojinos Escozíos. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros and can be bought at the Tourist Office, the Cultural Centre of La Cala or at the Casa de Cultura of Las Lagunas. Children under 12 years old accompanied by an adult can attend for free.
The last day of the fair will begin earlier than usual. Starting at 10am, the area surrounding the Cortijo Don Elías will have an interesting old-fashioned threshing display accompanied by traditional song. At 1.30pm a Sevillanas contest will take place on Calle Murillo.
During the evening, Las Lagunas Theatre’s School of Dance and the children of AMPA Iberia will perform in the official “caseta” beginning at 9pm. Afterwards, Chiquetete, a singer from Cadiz, will put the final touches on the fair with a musical throw-back to the decades of his artistic growth and development.