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20.06.14 - 13:10 -
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Gibraltar improves its border zone
John Rodríguez and Fabian Picardo. :: SUR
The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, visited the Rock’s border area at the end of last week with the head of customs, John Rodríguez, to see the improvements made to the zone.
Both men oversaw the functioning of a control point for commercial vehicles and also checked the electronically controlled access barriers for pedestrians and cars.
Additionally the pair watched barriers being electronically raised and lowered along the queues of vehicles entering the Rock. The idea of these barriers is not to control traffic flow but to allow HM Customs to isolate and examine specific vehicles.
After inspecting the covered area designed for the registration of vehicles, Picardo inaugurated one of two new roads entering Gibraltar.
The Chief Minister said, “With these improvements the government of Gibraltar has shown its willingness to comply with EU regulations. This is in complete contrast to the total absence of any similar initiatives on the Spanish side of the border.”