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A carnival like atmosphere will honour the town's foreign population with music, food and entertainment this weekend
13.06.14 - 14:04 -
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A foreign flavour comes to the streets of Estepona
Members of the Philippine association at last year’s event. :: A. B.
Thousands of international residents are set to descend on Estepona for the town’s Foreign Residents’ Day this Saturday 14 June.
The annual event will see colourful stands from different nationalities showcasing their cuisine, culture, music and traditional dress.
Now in its 14th year the popular event will take place in Calle Villa, the pedestrianised area around the San Luis Castle, the indoor market, the old Town Hall and next to Plaza Reloj.
In previous years the event was held at the Palacio de Congresos, with more than 3,000 people packing the hall last year.
Francine Pompas, head of the Foreign Resident’s Department, told SUR in English: “As usual we have representatives of various countries offering their culture, gastronomy and folklore.
“More than 25 stands are participating in the event. This time we also have Great Britain and China as participants.
“The performances will finish around 8pm but the stands will remain open until late for visitors.”
Running from 12pm to 8pm, there will be plenty of free entertainment as well as an award presented to the Foreign Resident of the Year.
Last year’s event saw Englishman Ray Oldfield pick up the award for his volunteer work at several foreign associations over two decades.
Other countries set to open stands, include: Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Morocco, Panama, Paraguay, the Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Venezuela.
According to Town Hall figures, around 12,000 foreign residents make up 25 per cent of Estepona’s population.