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The former Osasuna manager had his first press conference this morning stating that he hopes to increase the attacking force of the team
09.06.14 - 18:06 -
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Javi Gracia unveiled as Malaga manager
Javi Gracia with Moayad Shatat on Monday. ALVARO CABRERA
Two weeks after the news broke that Javi Gracia was to take over from Bernd Schuster as Malaga, he has now been officially presented to the media at La Rosaleda stadium during his first press conference.
He revealed that he hopes to improve the team’s goalscoring potential. "There are players who have a lot to contibute to the team. Young players will feature in games preseason."
We will try as hard as we can to get the club in the position that it deserves," he said.
Gracia, 44, has previously managed teams including Villarreal, Almería and Osasuna. Last season his Osasuna team were relegated to the Segunda División.