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Al-Thani's messages on Twitter and Facebook caused confusion on Friday and speculation about the future of Malaga CF
07.06.14 - 11:38 -
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Sheikh says he didn't mean he was leaving Malaga
Al-Thani, in a file photo. SUR
A 'tweet' sent out by Sheikh Al-Thani in the early hours of Friday morning caused commotion in football circles in Malaga.
Last month, the club's owner had threatened he may leave following a series of bureaucratic complications.
The words “I’m sorry to say this, yes [I] will go from here” were interpreted in the local, national and international media as an announcement that he was pulling out of the club.
However on Friday evening he sent out a second message via Facebook.
"Sorry, I would of said [sic] get out of the club or I will leave the Malaga CF," he wrote without revealing what or whom he was leaving if it wasn't Malaga CF.
If in his first message he complained of a "lack of respect", in his second, he attacked those who had misinterpreted his intentions: "This is the biggest proof of lack of respect. A fabrication for my words," he wrote.
Meanwhile reactions in Malaga throughout Friday were varied, from calls for calm from the club itself to comments charged with irony from fans.