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Top fashion, 1.5 million-euro cars and a 69,000-euro Barbie are among the exclusive treats on show in Puerto Banús
06.06.14 - 15:40 -
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Luxury Weekend fills Marbella’s top hotels
Fashion model walking on the catwalk built over the water . :: Josele-Lanza
The Marbella Luxury Weekend got under way for the fourth consecutive year on Thursday night in Puerto Banús, the most glamorous port area of southern Europe. Four and five star hotels in Marbella have their ‘full’ signs out as the town acts as magnet for lovers of everything high-end and expensive.
Last year the event attracted over 50,000 visitors. The flow of curious onlookers and potential buyers of high-end products is due to directly benefit the local businesses, above all in Puerto Banús, while catering firms work flat out to serve guests in VIP tents and at private parties.
Chef Dani García, winner of the National Gastronomy Award for 2009, catered for guests at the opening. Shows planned throughout this four-day event include fashion, motor, and jewellery.
The weekend also has its charitable side with events in aid of the Fundación SOS Día Universal de la Infancia. Raffle tickets are available now through Sunday to participate in an auction for donated items.