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The Prince's eldest daughter is to be crowned Princess of Asturias
06.06.14 - 12:39 -
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Leonor, the youngest royal heir
Leonor on her eighth birthday last year. :: EFE
Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia have wanted to provide their two daughters with the same upbringing and equal opportunities. The oldest will be nine in October and the youngest turned seven in April. Former television journalist Letizia will be crowned Queen of Spain in two weeks' time, after spending a decade as the Princess of Asturias.
She was born to a middle class family and was raised in a three bedroom flat in Oviedo together with her sisters Telma and Erika. She studied journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid and forged a successful career for herself as a journalist. She went on to work for CNN and TVE, reporting from ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.
Letizia and her sisters were all treated the same and their parents had the same hopes for each of them. This is what the Prince and Princess have tried to give their daughters, conscious that one day everything will change.
Leonor and Sofía were not born into a normal family, nor do they grow up in a regular house. They are second and third in line for throne and in two weeks' time June, Leonor, at the age of eight, will be the heir.
When Felipe is crowned King, Leonor’s position will drastically change: she will become the 23rd Princess of Asturias and will receive the same titles that are currently held by her father. As well a Royal Highness, Leonor will also be the Princess of Gerona, Duchess of Montblanc, Countess of Cervera and Lady of Balaguer. She will be the future Queen of Spain unless her parents have a son.
Sofía’s position, on the other hand, will be the same, except for the fact her elder sister will be the youngest heir to a royal throne in Europe. From then on, the wishes of Felipe and Letizia to have an equal upbringing for both daughters will be difficult.
They will go to the same school, receive the same education and perhaps have friends in common. However, Princess Leonor will begin to have an official agenda. She has already began learning English and Chinese and will begin to receive training in preparation for her future role as Head of State.
Youngest heir to the throne
On 19 June, when Felipe is officially crowned king, the public eye will shift to the future queen as she becomes younger than all other heiresses in Europe. Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Elizabeth of Belgium are both older.
Her parents, before taking up their new roles have revealed to the press that they will try and make life as normal as possible and that they will grow up like any other girls of their age. It will be a challenging process considering the range of royal duties that come with the crown.