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The Prince made his first speech after the abdication of his father at an awards ceremony he attended with Letizia
06.06.14 - 13:02 -
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Felipe expresses his commitment to the “unity and diversity” of Spain
The future King and Queen at an award ceremony on Wednesday. :: EFE
Felipe de Borbón took advantage of his first speech after his father’s abdication to send out a political message.
“I repeat my intention and conviction to put all my strength into the exciting task of continuing to serve the Spanish people, our beloved Spain: a nation, a united and diverse social and political community,” said the man who will be crowned King Felipe VI on 19 June.
The Príncipe de Vaina awards ceremony, held every year in the small town of Leyre, attracted some 100 reporters, keen to catch the future king’s first words after the abdication.
Twice during the awards ceremony Felipe and Letizia were given a standing ovation of more than one minute. The couple rose to their feet in recognition of the support.
His carefully chosen words favoured the unity of Spain and called for “everyone, institutional leaders, social and economic players and citizens” to face the future with decision and hope.
Coins bearing the head of King Felipe VI will be put into circulation in 2015.