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The programme, called 'Mi Marbella', is hosted by Nicole King and aims to keep the international community up to date with local news
06.06.14 - 16:45 -
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English language radio programme kicks off in Marbella
Tuesday evening’s pre-launch cocktail event. :: SUR
The first show of Marbella’s new English language radio programme aired this week with musician and broadcaster Des O’Connor featuring as a guest.
The pre-launch took place on Tuesday evening at the Artisan Marbella bakery. Homemade canapés were served as was Vin Doré sparkling wine with 24K gold dust.
The programme provides listeners with information on current events in Marbella and there are weekly interviews with José Luis Hernández, the town’s councillor for tourism, as well as other public officials and well known local personalities. The project is an initiative of the town hall and RTV Marbella.
Listeners are encouraged to submit questions regarding topics such as voting, building permits and driving licences that will be passed on to the town hall. On Friday’s edition of the show, ‘Mi Marbella’s’ financial expert, Raquel Pérez, will answer the week’s questions.


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