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Neither PP or PSOE have much to celebrate after the giants failed to win half of Sunday’s votes between them
30.05.14 - 10:58 -
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European election results rock Spain’s two-party system
Podemos leader, Pablo Iglesias, applauds supporters.. :: E. NARANJO
There were low key celebrations at the Partido Popular’s headquarters in Madrid on Sunday night after they were proclaimed the most-voted party in Spain in the European elections.
However in reality neither the PP nor the other main political party, the PSOE, had much to be pleased about after both had suffered a significant loss of seats to the minority groups. In fact they failed to gain half of the votes between them.
The electorate’s dissatisfaction with the two-party system is clear. Five years ago 80 per cent of voters opted for either the PP or the PSOE.
The Partido Popular, whose ticket was headed by former cabinet minister Miguel Arias Cañete, gained 16 of Spain’s allocated 54 seats in the European Parliament, eight fewer than it won in 2009.
The Socialists, with Elena Valenciano as their candidate, did even worse, losing nine of their seats to go back to Brussels with just 16 MEPs.
The Socialists lost supporters to the far left-wing alliance IU (Izquierda Unida), who increased their MEP total from two to six
Surprise left-wing newcomers ‘Podemos’ picked up five seats after gaining 7.95 per cent of the vote.
The Partido Popular blamed their loss of supporters on the theory that their usual centre-right voters stayed at home.
The nationwide turnout on Sunday was 45.85%, similar to that of 2009.