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A rainbow flag was flown over No 6 following the historic civil partnership ceremony which took place this week
30.05.14 - 13:20 -
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Couple celebrate first civil partnership in Gibraltar
The rainbow flag flies. :: a.b.
Nadine and Alicia Muscat made history in Gibraltar as the first couple to tie the knot in a civil partnership ceremony held on Tuesday.
A recent change in legislation now allows both same and opposite sex couples to formerly register their relationship.
To celebrate the event the Government flew a rainbow flag, which represents diversity, from No 6 Convent Place.
Government approval
Samantha Sacramento, Minister for Equality and Social Services, said: “I am truly delighted that people of the same sex finally have the opportunity to have their relationships recognised in the eyes of the law.
“It is also very fitting that the first couple who are making history today by entering into a civil partnership are the same people who made history years ago by challenging the establishment in asserting their rights to a joint tenancy for thier government flat.
“To take on such a challenge as individuals can’t have been easy but it was important that they did so as they succeeded in changing government policy.”
Gibraltar’s Equality Rights Group (ERG), added: “With this first celebration of a same-sex union, Gibraltar moves forward and joins the increasing number of democratic societies around Europe and throughout the world, where discrimination against same-sex relationships is being done away with.
“We therefore congratulate not only the happy couple themselves, but also the people of Gibraltar, the Government, and Parliament in making this possible.”
Campaigning couple
The couple, who have been together for more than 20 years, took out legal proceedings in 2007 when they were refused joint tenancy on their government flat.
After three years the pair won their case at the Privy Council in London.
As a result, former Chief Minister Peter Caruana had to change his housing policy to allow for same-sex partners to access government housing.
The couple, who are off to Venice for their honeymoon, held the ceremony at the Civil Registry Office in Secretary’s Lane.