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Stefan Reinert, acccused of killing a Malaga policeman, has been sent to jail after being discharged from hospital
30.05.14 - 16:04 -
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German suspect in police killing jailed
The funeral of policeman Francisco Díaz Jiménez. :: SALVADOR SALAS
Stefan Reinert, a German man aged 36, who is accused of killing a policeman in Malaga city, has been locked up in prison in Alhaurin de la Torre after being treated in hospital for four bullet wounds and various cuts.
A judge went to the Clínico hospital at the weekend in order to take a statement but Reinert refused to testify.
Nevertheless the judge handed him a provisional prison sentence for abusing the authorities and for the alleged homicide of Francisco Díaz Jiménez who was stabbed to death after attempting to detain the beggar.
Reinert had a long history of violence with over thirty recorded criminal incidents in Germany before he arrived in Spain in 2006.
In Spain Reinert had been detained on 23 occasions for a number of crimes, including robbery, resisting arrest and assault.
His neighbours have confirmed that the German man, who was a habitual drinker and drug-taker, beat his ex-girlfriend who has already testified against him.


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