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A British artist attracts local and foreign attention with his Seville gallery
30.05.14 - 14:54 -
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Art in the name of his mother
Colin Bellwood says his gallery has brought art lovers from Britain to Seville. :: SUR
An English artist has opened a gallery of his works in Seville and has honoured his mother by naming the gallery after her.
Colin Bellwood told SUR in English that he opened ‘Galería Doreen’ to exhibit his own works and to bring art buyers from the UK to get to know the city of Seville better.
“Several people who have previously bought my work have been out to see the gallery and for many it was their first time here,” said Colin, adding, “It is a lovely way for them to get to see Seville and with the good weather we have had this year, they have really seen the city at its best.”
Born in Castleford and having attended the same grammar school as the sculptor Henry Moore, Colin then went on to Leeds College of Art, where Moore also studied.
“I have always painted but I also worked as a teacher of English in Yorkshire for nearly twenty years before a number of successes at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London allowed me to leave teaching and concentrate solely on painting and writing,” said the artist, who admits that among those who have bought a number of my works are ‘Eastenders’ star Samantha (Janus) Womack and her actor husband Mark.
Now, sharing his time between Seville and his home in Burley in Wharfedale, Yorkshire, Colin says that opening the gallery has brought him to the attention of the people of Seville. “After years of being here I received my first invite to join one of the ‘casetas’ at the Feria in Seville this year,” he explained.
Colin originally planned to close the exhibition of his paintings at the end of May but says he now expects the gallery to remain open for a few more weeks before he takes a break from the city in July and August.
“The heat in Seville is extreme in July and August and everyone heads for the coast but Galería Doreen will reopen in September and I hope to also include work by young local artists.”