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Hundreds of Cudeca supporters took part in this year's Walkathon
26.05.14 - 11:24 -
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Walking for cancer care
Enjoying the fun at the end of the walk. A. D.
Residents on the Costa del Sol put on their walking shoes on Sunday for the 12th annual Walkathon to raise funds and awareness for Cudeca. The cancer care hospice charity organised the event with the sponsorship of Obra Social de La Caixa and the collaboration of Benalmádena Town Hall.
The walk began at 9.30am on the Benalmádena promenade near the hotel Sunset Beach. Participants were able to choose from three routes of different distances: two, five or ten kilometres, all of which ended up back at the hotel.
Walkers were rewarded for their efforts with celebrations in the form of live music, a charity paella and barbecue and children's activities.


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