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In a historic day at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring three bullfighters were wounded and all activity suspended
23.05.14 - 14:40 -
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Malaga bullfighter gored in Madrid on road to recovery
Sául Jiménez Fortés was wounded in the leg and pelvis. :: EFE
Saúl Jiménez Fortes, who comes from Malaga, was one of three injured bullfighters in Madrid on Tuesday.
Jiménez Fortes was flipped in the air by a bull and gored twice, in his right thigh and pelvis. After limping out of the ring he was treated by the on-site doctor and sent to the Virgen del Mar hospital where he is recovering well from his injuries.
“My intention was to delay the fight while they operated on me and then go back to the ring to kill the bulls that remained. However when I got to the surgeon I had no more strength in my legs due to the large gash in my thigh,” said Jiménez Fortes from his hospital bed.
It is the first time since 1979, 44 years ago, that a bullfight at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring has been stopped during the prestigious annual San Isidro fair.
The other two injured bullfighters are Antonio Nazaré and David Mora. Nazaré was injured in his right knee and is not in a serious condition.
David Mora, who was attacked by a bull as he knelt in the ring to greet it, was the most badly injured of the three with a badly severed femoral artery, but he is now said to be stable in hospital albeit in a considerable amount of pain.