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Stephen Mallon’s sons have identified in court the 15 defendants as participants in the fight that killed their father in Cómpeta in 2009
23.05.14 - 14:16 -
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Trial begins of men accused of bar brawl which caused death of British man
The 15 defendants during the first court session. :: SUR
Five years after their father lost his life in a huge fight outside a bar in Cómpeta, the sons of Stephen Mallon relived the event in court on Tuesday.
It was their turn to be heard by the judge presiding over the case against 15 men accused of participating in the brawl which led to the death of their father, Stephen Mallon, a British man aged 49.
Standing calmly in front of the accused, the two men had no hesitation in identifying each of the 15 defendants as having taken part in the incident which happened in June 2009 in Cómpeta.
They replied to questions with respectful but forceful answers. Both young men stated that a group of 40 armed Spaniards attacked their group, which numbered no more than five, with all kinds of implements such as iron bars, knuckledusters, belts, plant pots, stones and glass bottles.
Sons speak out
“I was 16 years old at the time and I was terrified,” explained one of the sons in court, insisting that he “was fighting for his life” and that the accused were trying to kill him.
On Monday, the first day of the court case, the 15 accused insisted that the British men had behaved violently towards them. The men stated that the victim and those with him “knew how to fight”, declaring that they had a level of proficiency which pointed to them being “professional boxers”.
While Mallon’s sons admitted that they had practised kick- boxing they said that it was only as a hobby. Additionally they said that their father’s occupation was a roofer and he was not a boxer.
The man accused of Mallon’s death - by allegedly pushing him off a ledge four metres high - and for whom the public prosecution has called for a sentence of 12 years in prison, also made a statement in court.
Denial of causing death
The accused said that he had not pushed Mallon at any time. Instead he had walked away from the fight and gone upstairs to watch what was going on. He explained that after someone else had thrown a glass at Mallon, he saw the victim climbing the stairs towards him covered in blood and staggering because of his injuries.
He went on to say that Mallon punched him twice. In response he opened his arms to signify that he did not want to fight anymore and then he put his hands over his face.
“I was protecting myself. When I next looked he was no longer there,” he said.
Another of the 15 men accused said of the incident that, although he was at a distance, he saw Stephen Mallon lose his balance and fall, at a moment when there was no-one else was nearby. The case continues.


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