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Conservatives Abroad invited James Gray MP to speak at lunch
23.05.14 - 15:44 -
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Tory MP visits Costa del Sol
James Gray MP (2nd right) with Conservatives Abroad members. :: sur
Conservatives Abroad invited James Gray MP to speak at lunch
Conservatives Abroad Costa del Sol, under the direction of their new chairman Alex Radford, last week invited James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire, to be the guest speaker at a lunch held at the Tamisa Golf Hotel.
Members enjoyed an entertaining talk which nevertheless touched on such serious subjects as global warming and the forthcoming referendum in Scotland, and were able to put their own questions to the parliamentarian.
Local interest focused on the right to vote of British expats, with Mr Gray urging all those who have a vote to register to take part in the next elections, and saying he would continue to campaign for all British expats to be eligible rather than only those who left the UK in the last fifteen years.
Asked how young people could be persuaded to take more of an interest in politics, he expressed nostalgia for the days, remembered by most of those present, of well attended Young Conservatives (and Young Farmers) meetings, but said those days will not return and the way to reach the young electorate is through social media. Life President Gloria Ketchell thanked the speaker, and Alex Radford, the new chairman of Conservatives Abroad, announced the date of the annual ball, which will be held on June 18th at the Tamisa Hotel.


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