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This year’s Marbella Luxury Weekend pays special attention to fashion
23.05.14 - 14:28 -
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High class catwalk in Puerto Banús
The launch ceremony for the June event was held at the Club del Mar in Puerto Banús this week. :: JOSELE.LANZA
A catwalk more than 20 metres long and two and a half metres wide perched over the waters of Puerto Banús is not just the main feature of this year’s Marbella Luxury Weekend event.
The glamorous luxury runway also serves to highlight the fact that Marbella wants to become a major reference point in the world of fashion. Labels such as Custo Barcelona, Andrés Sardá, Swarosky or Bikkembergs have already announced that they will be presenting their collections in the event which runs from June 5th to 8th.
The principal objective of the event is to turn Marbella once again into the focus of the world of luxury spending and emphasise its place in the selling of high-end goods, with its nerve centre in Puerto Banús.
The programme of the 2014 Marbella Luxury Weekend, presented on Tuesday in the Club del Mar in Puerto Banús, has the difficult challenge this year of surpassing last year’s event when 50,000 visitors attended. For this reason there are 93 different events in the 2014 official programme, not counting the extra events organised by those participating brands and companies.
As well as fashion, there will a further special focus on luxury cars, with the presentation of new models from Porsche, Pagani and Bentley and boats too. A total of 70 businesses will take part with luxury goods on display from the worlds of fashion, gastronomy, motoring and sport.
The national and international impact of Marbella Luxury Weekend, claim the organisers, ensures the presence of magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Telva or Cosmopolitan as well as the Russian, American and Arab media.
In the presentation event, Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, took the opportunity to emphasise the strength of the town’s commercial sector. Muñoz pointed out that the latest report from the ‘Asociación del Lujo de España’ listed Marbella for the first time as the second most important place in Spain in terms of luxury goods sales, after Barcelona and ahead of Madrid.
Additionally Muñoz stated that in 2013, 77 million of the 100 million euros spent shopping in Malaga province by visitors from outside the European Union was spent in Marbella.


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