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Malaga has a range of street markets selling crafts, secondhand clothes and organic fruit and vegetables
23.05.14 - 15:01 -
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New city markets
The Guadalhorce organic market has two venues
in Malaga. :: SUR
Thanks to its lovely climate and the general culture of enjoying life outdoors, Malaga offers numerous and varied opportunities for shopping, including street markets.
These markets consist of stalls set up by vendors who travel from market to market, and they take place once a week, or sometimes more often, in different parts of the city. The stalls are metal structures which can be dismantled, and a board or table is used as a counter.
In recent years this type of traditional business has reinvented itself with a modern formula based on good quality artisan products, exclusive merchandise at attractive prices which cannot be found in conventional shops.
Unlike the old street markets where vendors would display their wares on folding tables, blankets on the ground, in baskets or other containers, the new markets are organised in a systematic manner and they take place in specially-designated and equipped areas.
These markets are very popular because of their reputation for cheap prices and the possibility of haggling for a bargain. The items cost less than in traditional shops because, among other reasons, the outgoings are lower: the stallholders do not have to pay electricity, water or rent and the business tends to be run by one person and is based on manufactured items. Also, the nomadic character of the street markets adds an extra interest when compared with shops which have fixed trading hours, even though these are open longer. The markets are more sporadic, or they are only held on a certain day of the week or the month.
Another key to the success of these new businesses is the attractive way in which the products are displayed, with plenty of room for them to be seen properly. The way customers are treated, attentively but with respect, is also fundamental for this type of trade, which apart from the name bears little resemblance to its predecessors.
The different types of goods for sale are based on quality, originality and exclusivity at reasonable prices. There are markets specialising in handicrafts, clothes for children and adults which are not sold in conventional outlets, accessories, jewellery, decorative items and natural products ranging from cosmetics and confectionary to ecological and organic foods.
Baños del Carmen
Situated in the lovely area of the Baños del Carmen spa, this market is described as “a place where talented people can share, collaborate and display the works that they have produced with such enthusiasm and affection”.
These include clothing, accessories, decorative items and natural soaps, among other artisan products, and this original street market, which was a pioneer in the city, takes place on the first Sunday of every month. The initiative began four years ago with the idea of promoting the work of the city’s young artists and designers as well as boosting the consumption of ecological food and the trade in this region in general.
Nowadays, the Baños del Carmen market has become a brand which encompasses other events of the same type in different parts of the city, some of them on a regular basis and others on occasion. It also works with social causes such as collecting food for the needy and raising funds for non profit-making associations.
Organic market (Malagueta and Huelin)
Under the Guadalhorce Ecológico name, a network of organic food markets has been set up so that consumers can buy completely fresh products which have been grown locally for a price which is fair for purchasers and producers. There are two markets of this type in Malaga city, one in La Malagueta area which takes place on the second Saturday of each month and the other in the park in Huelín on the fourth Saturday of each month. They greatly benefit local communities because they are sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially and economically responsible. Also, consumers can buy directly from the producer, thereby avoiding the extra costs which are incurred when intermediaries are used, and with the knowledge of where these healthy products have come from.
The Soho CAC street market
The Soho de Málaga- Barrio de las Artes is an initiative which seeks to convert the Ensanche de Muelle Heredia into a natural area with leisure options and businesses which are attractive for local people. In this central area of the city a street market takes place which, in line with the general concept of the district, helps artisans, designers and promising newcomers become better known in an area which is expanding. The items on sale here are designs and creations by sculptors, painters, ceramic artists, photographers and craftsmen, among others.
It is an interesting and innovative opportunity which does not take place on fixed dates but is organised several times a year and publicised in advance on the Internet.
Muelle Uno Market
The Muelle Uno in Málaga, as well as having a selection on shops in the gallery at one side, also has an open-air market all along the promenade on the second Sunday of each month, with stalls selling original products. Ecological food products, local gastronomy and handmade craft ítems can be found as well as vintage furniture and fashion for all ages, as well as the latest trends in clothing for children, women and men.
There is also an area reserved for the Asociación (Re) Unión de Creadores, where every Sunday unique paintings, sculptures, photographs, jewellery and music are offered for sale with the aim of promoting artistic expression and raising awareness of the creations of these professionals, in a place for leisure and business which is perfect for fair trade.


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