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The firm Chivo de Canillas has obtained the Kosher certificate and hopes to break into the Jewish market
23.05.14 - 15:24 -
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Canillas goats are Kosher
Carlos Aguilera, head of Chivo de Canillas. :: a.p.
The firm Chivo de Canillas has obtained the Kosher certificate and hopes to break into the Jewish market
Chivo de Canillas, a food company which sells suckling kid cooked over olive wood, has just been given Kosher certification which means that it produces all its meat according to strict dietary rules. Now it can be sold in Malaga’s important Jewish community. Next, the firm, based in Canillas de Aceituno, is attempting to get approval as a Halal product which opens up the Middle Eastern market.
According to the head of Chivo de Canillas, Carlos Aguilera, the company, which began in November 2012, turned over 350,000 euros in 2013 and sold 15,000 kids.
It is hoping to extend its market and next week the company is going to Saudi Arabia with the objective of signing an agreement with a distributor to sell its products exclusively in the area.
With this in mind the business has developed two new products in the last year: fried goat’s liver and kidneys and a meat loaf of deboned and pressed goat cooked first in a wood oven. These join the original product, a 1.4 kilo vacuum pack of roasted kid, divided into two sections and enough for four people.
“For us it is very important to have the Kosher certificate because we believe that a Jewish community exists in Malaga province that could be a valuable market for us,” said Carlos Aguilera.
Chivo de Canillas is already selling its product in the only four El Corte Inglés department stores in Spain which have a Kosher section - one of them being the shop in Puerto Banús.


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