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The event was to raise awareness of the route and it is hoped to get support from the ‘Vías Verdes’ organisation
23.05.14 - 15:36 -
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Campaigners pedal and run from Coín to Alhaurín el Grande to promote nature path
Cyclists, walkers and joggers on the Algarbía railway route. :: r. leach
The event was to raise awareness of the route and it is hoped to get support from the ‘Vías Verdes’ organisation
Organisers of an event to mark the launch of a campaign to turn a disused railway track into a ‘greenway’ (vía verde) or nature path, say they were thrilled with the public support for the project and were especially pleased with the mix of families, retired people and sports enthusiasts who turned out last Saturday.
According to estimates from the Guardia Civil, over 550 people walked, cycled or ran from Coín’s abandoned ‘Algarbía’ railway station to the site of the Río Fahala railway bridge on the edge of Alhaurín el Grande.
“People really enjoyed the walk and the cyclists thought the five kilometre route that is currently open was great but they wanted to know when the next section would be accessible as they wanted to keep on going!” said one walker.
Organiser Sofia Aranda, from the campaign group ViveAlma which hopes eventually to open the route from Coín to the coast, said that the event had been good for raising awareness of the route and ViveAlma’s plans.
Sofía told SUR in English, “We are hoping to attend a Vías Verdes event in Seville with councillors from Coín town hall in the next few weeks but our biggest objective is to get the team behind the national body to visit Coín and see for themselves what we have here.”
The members of ViveAlma hope that, with the backing of local councillors, representatives of Vías Verdes and the Malaga provincial government, the Junta de Andalucía might also support the plan to create Malaga’s first greenway, running from Coín to the beach between Malaga city and Churriana.
A petition in support of the proposed greenway is available to sign at the ‘Cecilio’ bicycle shop in El Rodeo, Coín.


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