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Dani García, Diego del Río and José Carlos García will be at the Food & Wine Festival
21.05.14 - 10:03 -
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Malaga plans its own 'Masterchef'
D. Caneda, F. Rueda, Y. de Aguilar, F. Artacho and A. Bernal at the launch of the festival. :: S. SALAS
When the public won’t fit in the kitchen, the chef must come out to meet the public. This is the aim of the Malaga Food & Wine Festival, when top chefs will be ‘performing’ in Calle Alcazabilla and in the city’s Palacio de Ferias.
As well as these show-cooking sessions, this new festival, to take place between May 23rd and June 1st, will include workshops, tastings, film screenings, exhibitions, book launches, debates and talks, among other features.
Under the slogan ‘Malaga en 7 bocados’ (Malaga in 7 bites), the festival’s activities will take place in locations around the city centre before moving into the Palacio de Ferias for a final celebration of cooking between May 30th and June 1st.
The event’s programme will also stretch as far as Antequera, Marbella, Nerja and Ronda where debates on the local produce of each region will be held.
It is through this fusion of culture, gastronomy and tourism that the festival escapes tradition in order to promote cuisine among locals and visitors. The only requirement to take part is a passion worthy of Bacchus for food and drink.
Malaga Food & Wine Festival has the support of all the local authorities connected with gastronomy and tourism (Malaga City Hall, Turismo Andaluz, Costa del Sol Tourist Board and Sabor a Málaga) and taking part will be top local chefs of the calibre of Dani García, José Carlos García and Diego del Río, all of whom have been awarded Michelin stars.
Also present at the festival will be chefs Amador Fernández,Charo Carmona, Sergio del Río, Fran Segura, Javier Hernández, Ignacio Carmona, Josean Alija, José Álvarez, Kisko García, Luis Arévalo, Luis Ignacio Lera and Xanty Elías.
“Gastronomy is fundamental in order to understand the Andalusian culture,” said food critic and festival organiser Fernando Rueda at the launch at the end of last month.
“Malaga is not identified by the sardine but by the ‘espeto’, the way the sardine is roasted here,” he added. This “scenery on a plate” is what this festival aims to promote.
Meanwhile the Albéniz cinema joins the food theme with a series of food-related films, including the fiction-documentary ‘Sollo’, in which chef Diego Gallegos displays his own unique philosophy on the use of caviar in his cooking.


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