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19.05.14 - 10:36 -
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deVere Group’s European Communications Centre (ECC), a pioneering hub which provides first-class support to the Western European division of the organisation, one of the world’s leading financial advisory corporations, is launching a recruitment drive.
The aim is to recruit highly motivated, enthusiastic, target-driven individuals to join its already incredibly successful team of account executives, in the Mijas Costa-based offices of the ECC. The drive is fuelled by ongoing and increasing demand for deVere's services from expatriates and international investors across Europe, meaning more support and administration services are required for the independent financial advisors (IFAs) out in the field.
There are a variety of roles at ECC. Typical duties would include organising seminars and events across Europe, setting up client meetings for the IFAs, diarising client reviews, helping to ensure the IFAs are abreast of all topical events that might present opportunities for or challenges to their clients’ financial strategies, amongst other exciting and rewarding features.
Successful candidates will have the chance to fast-track their career within the energetic, vibrant financial services sector, as part of a global, responsible organisation. Members of the team receive unrivalled support from the deVere Group and are encouraged to strive for promotion and develop their skills as much as possible, in order to reach their full potential.
Since it was launched in 2012, the ECC - the first one of its kind in the industry - has proven to be an invaluable resource, offering the highest levels of organisational support and ongoing back-up to financial advisers and, in turn, their clients, located in the 19 deVere offices throughout Western Europe.
Following an extensive investment in technological advancement, the ECC delivers new, cutting-edge facilities that greatly surpass the services that are typically offered to clients within the finance industry.
Head of ECC, Kerry Newcombe, comments: “As part of our continued effort to improve the first-class level of service to deVere’s advisers and clients, we are looking for more people to join the team and enjoy a rewarding career. Successful applicants will be dedicated, committed to their work and willing to go the extra mile.”
Ms Newcombe continues: “There is fantastic scope for career progression within the European Communications Centre, as the development and promotion of each individual within the group is something which is given great importance.”
To start a career within one of the world’s leading financial advisory corporations – which currently has over 70 offices worldwide, with $10bn under advisement and over 80,000 clients, and which is still continuing to grow year on year - send your CV to
deVere Group is an equal opportunities employer.
To find out more about working at the European Communications Centre, have a look at the video on deVere Group’s YouTube channel.


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