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SUR in English attended this year's Foreign Residents Day in Torremolinos
19.05.14 - 17:14 -
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Around the world in a day
The SUR in English stand welcomed foreign residents. M.C.J.
The Plaza de la Nogalera hosted Torremolinos’s yearly ‘International Foreign Residents’ Day’ and once again it was a successful showcase for national food, traditions and pride.
The 24 countries participating not only exhibited the best of their national dress, dances and dishes, but also demonstrated the harmony and diversity to be found between these foreign residents living together under the Costa del Sol sunshine.
This year, celebrating its twentieth anniversary, the day began at 11.30am with one of its main attractions: an opening parade made up of representatives from each country who formed a collage of national colours, dances and dress.
Accompanied by the municipal band (Banda Municipal de Música), the parade was a tide of colour. Starting in the Plaza de la Independencia, it went down Calle San Miguel to reach the centre of the event, the Plaza de La Nogalera.
The day provided a perfect opportunity for foreign residents to help their children identify with their culture. For example, Rodolfo Montes de Oca, who is originally from Vera Cruz, Mexico, took advantage of the day to show his little girl, Alma, born in Spain, the most important traditions of his home country.
In the plaza, despite the cloudy sky, visitors enjoyed food from around the world. Each participating community offered the best recipes from their homeland at very affordable prices.
From Indian chicken tikka to Thai sesame sweets, the fair offered a global gastronomic tasting tour.
To accompany the variety of food on offer, Carlos Vizcaíno, resident of neighbouring Benalmádena, offered a suggestion: “It’s very interesting to try liquors or cocktails from other cultures that are not easy to find,” he explained, after having a sip of Pisco Sour, from Peru.
SUR in English, celebrating its 30th year, had a stand at the fair where representatives from the newspaper met readers and chatted to members of the public. Rioja wine specially bottled for the 30th anniversary was served to visitors, along with Malaga cheese.
Taste and tradition
The day itself was not just a celebration of food, as important as it may be to a country’s identity.
Scottish-born Stephen Murray described how he was glad that “these days people ask me about other characteristics of our country that should be known and admired,” other than the Loch Ness monster.
The day perfectly encompassed this sentiment, with traditional jewellery, wallets, decorations and games for sale at each respective country’s stall.
Information, photos and posters showing places of interest, cities and tourist attractions of the different countries was also available.
“I’m going to Peru in a month, and for people like me it’s really interesting to discuss any doubts with people from the country itself,” said María Gallardo while looking at the photos.
As well as providing a cultural experience, participants held raffles, tombolas and other activities to help raise funds for organisations such as Cudeca Cancer Care.


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