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An exhibition of 30 selected pages from SUR in English from 1984 to today is on display in the Bulevar de La Cala, Mijas
17.05.14 - 20:48 -
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Looking back: 30 years
The pages are on display along the main road in La Cala de Mijas. M. C. JAIME
Some of the most relevant moments of the last 30 years, and how these were relayed to English-speaking residents of southern Spain, can now be explored in the centre of La Cala.
Until 15 June the SUR in English exhibition 'Looking back: 30 years' will be reminding residents of events such as the death of Hispanist Gerald Brenan, the visit of Lady Di, the chaotic local politics in Marbella, the disappearance of Rocío Wanninkhof or the more recent fires and floods.
The pages not only show the evolution of the newspaper's design over the years but also make interesting reading, with curious pieces of news that take us down memory lane and remind us how much, or how little, things have changed.
The blown-up pages were unveiled on Friday by representatives of SUR in English and SUR, Mijas Town Hall and Hidralia, the exhibition's sponsors.
The Director of Publications at SUR, Pedro Luis Gómez, stressed the role this newspaper has played over the last 30 years. "It is the link between the Spanish and English-speaking communities on the Costa del Sol," he said.
The exhibition starts, as expected, with the front cover of the first ever edition of SUR in English, published on 20 July 1984. A tour of the exhibits then takes us through local, national and international news as reported, in English, here on the Costa del Sol.
SUR in English's presence at the World Travel Market over the years is reflected in a double page feature about Mijas in one of the earliest special supplements taken to London, in November 1989.
The mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, pointed out that the history of the municipality and the district "would not make sense without this publication, which marked a turning point in the development of today's society in Mijas and the surrounding area, and of course, in local journalism."
Pedro Luis Gómez recalled that until the birth of SUR in English no one had managed to produce this news formula "based on a public service that was capable of finding the English-speaking residents a place" in the area they had chosen to live in.


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