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A woman has confessed to the murder of Isabel Carrasco as an act of revenge for her daughter who had worked for the authority
16.05.14 - 11:34 -
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León’s provincial president shot dead in broad daylight following labour dispute
Monserrat Triana Martínez González (centre) and, on the right, the victim, Isabel Carrasco. :: efe
A woman has confessed to the murder of Isabel Carrasco as an act of revenge for her daughter who had worked for the authority
A mother and daughter have been arrested for the fatal shooting on Monday of Isabel Carrasco, leader of the provincial government or ‘Diputación’ of León.
The older of the two, 55-year-old Montserrat González, has confessed to the crime, saying she did it “out of spite”. The second woman arrested is her daughter, Triana Martínez, 35, who worked for the government’s technical department but was sacked three years ago.
Carrasco was shot five times - four times in the back and then with a final bullet to the head - as she was crossing a bridge close to her home, just after 5pm on Monday afternoon. A retired policeman witnessed the attack and followed the suspect who was arrested along with her daughter as they came together besides a parked grey Mercedes car.
Triana Martínez began working as a telecommunications engineer in the provincial government in 2007 and had a burgeoning career as a politician with the PP (Isabel Carrasco’s party).
However in 2011 Martínez was fired from her position, for reasons unknown and was also barred from the local branch of the PP. Then she was informed that she had been overpaid and ordered to return 6,500 euros to the provincial government.
According to the confession given by Monserrat Gonzaléz, she was the one who made the decision to kill Carrasco, in revenge for the ill treatment of her daughter. Among her six stated motives were the internal battles in León’s PP which meant the end of Triana’s political career; the frustration caused by her daughter’s dismissal; Triana’s depression following the loss of her job; and the difficult financial situation suffered as a result. Gonzaléz held Isabel Carrasco directly responsible for all these as did Triana Martínez.
Mother and daughter united
While González admitted to pulling the trigger of the gun that killed Carrasco (and initial results from gunshot residue tests suggest that she is telling the truth) it is apparent that her daughter had been part of a long-standing plot to kill her. Elaborate plans and the details of days spent compulsively following the victim were found when police searched her home.
“Both mother and daughter harboured an obsessive grudge against Isabel Carrasco, although the mother had the greater role,” said a police statement.
Monserrat González’s husband and Triana Martínez’s father, Pablo Antonio Martínez García, is the police chief in Astorga but he was apparently unaware of his family’s intentions and the murder weapon was not his police handgun.
Martínez García has been transferred from his position at his request following the incident, and will now work in a “discreet” role in the Gijón police force.
A female local police officer, who was a personal friend of Triana Martínez, added a twist to the investigation when she handed in the alleged murder weapon, a Taurus revolver, (which an extensive police search had not tracked down) saying she had found it left without explanation in the boot of her car.