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The Río Real course in Marbella hosted the second round of the tour that was won by Iván Rudiez and Margarita Fernández
12.05.14 - 16:43 -
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90 golfers compete in the second round of the SUR in English Golf Tour
The Río Real course, designed by golf architect Javier Arana, hosted the second round of the tour organised by SUR in English. :: JOSELE-LANZA
Over 90 amateur players from around the world competed in the tournament that saw 12 more golfers progress to the final in June. Marbella’s Río Real course proved the perfect location for the second round of the tour which has been organised to celebrate 30 years of SURin English.
Glorious weather and unbeatable conditions provided a day of entertaining and high level golf that began at 9am and continued until late in the afternoon.
Iván Rudiez Smargiassi and Margarita Fernández Pascual won the higher and lower categories respectively, meaning they have gained qualification for the final that will take place on 28 June at Los Flamingos course, located at the luxury hotel Villa Padierna in Benahavís.
Five other players from each category will also join the winners in the final, they are: Rafael Escobar, Andreas Choy, Álvaro Blanc, Miguel Navarro, Rudolf Dohler, Riva Hagglund, José Miguel Cabra, Fernando Paunero, Bernardo Llamas and Tomás Lara.
Fermín López and Jaime Parladé were awarded prizes for landing the ball closest to the hole from the tee and hitting the longest drive respectively.
After the competition at Río Real the prize-giving ceremony took place at the Hotel Don Carlos where players and guests enjoyed refreshments.
Two rounds of the tour remain before the final: the first at Doña Julia in Casares and the second at El Paraíso in Estepona.
The championship is organised by SUR inEnglish and Costa del Golf. It is sponsored by the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol Occidental (the local authority that represents the 11 municipalities of the western Costa del Sol), the company Acosol, jewellers Aurelio Marcos, Rivervial Grupo and the car dealership C. de Salamanca. Andalucía Golf Select, Golfriends, Turismo Andaluz, BoConcept, Copyrap and the courses in which the championship is held: Río Real, El Paraíso, Villa Padierna, Atalaya and Doña Julia also collaborated with organisers.
The Río Real course was designed by the famous Spanish course architect Javier Arana. It is located just five minutes from the centre of Marbella and was opened in 1965. The director of the club, Luis Navarro, is overseeing the events programmed for the celebration of the club’s fifty years in 2015. The course is six thousands metres long and is considered one of the bastions of Andalusian golf. Its 18 holes, suitable for both professional and amateur players, provide continual challenges to overcome.
“The level of all the golfers who took part in the tournament has been very high and the conditions of the course were exceptional,” said Francisco Gómez, manager of Andalucía Golf Select.
As well as the prizes given to the highest placed players, all participants in the round were entered into a draw to win numerous gifts. The next round of the tour will take place on 24 May at the Doña Julia course in Casares.
To see images of the day's events click here and here.