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The ‘Women and Business’ round table organised by SUR, Cajamar and Amupema discussed equality, education and promotion
09.05.14 - 13:26 -
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Women’s equality in the business world - still far from being achieved
Members of the SUR ‘Mujer y Empresa’ round table. :: Á. C.
Equality has still not been established in the business world . If women must work 84 days more than men do to make the same salary despite being the majority in universities and having better exam results, it shows that something is not right. This sentiment was expressed during the Women and Business round table (La mesa redonda Mujer y Empresa), organised by SUR with the collaboration of Amupema and Cajamar.
During the meeting, the speakers talked about reconciliation, education and teamwork. The joint owner of Bodegas Bentomiz, Clara Verheij, the president of Ielco, Ana López Caparros, the commercial director of Womenalia, Beatriz García-Quismodo, and the coordinator of Andalusian Institute of Women, Isabel Palop, analysed the current situation of women in the workplace and came to the conclusion that ‘machismo’ has too much weight in today’s society.
The professionals expressed how sexism in the home is still habitually translated to sexism at work.
In the words of Macarena Reguiera, president of Amupema, women have had to “give up a lot for managerial type jobs”.
The round table was introduced by the haad of Internet at SUR, Ana Barreales, and moderated by SUR journalist Ana Pérez-Bryan. When questioned if this type of debate was truly necessary in the 21st century Barreales replied that “we have achieved a theoretical equality, but it is not real equality. Even now women must give up a part of their lives, something that men do not have to do.”
The Dutch businesswoman based in La Axarquía, Clara Verheij, was the first to note the difficulties that women must overcome to obtain positions of responsibility in businesses. She explained how women must sometimes reinvent themselves, leaving their studies behind for instance. She said “it is important not to be scared, to take risks a bit and to create the project that you have in your mind. Only working do you learn new things. You can’t stay at home and conform.”
The importance of reconciling family and work life was also a hot topic at the round table. The importance of sharing the load of chores between husband and wife was mentioned as was the importance of businesses understanding family life. Education was also touched upon, highlighting that it is fundamental that “children from a young age see that they need businesses. Only like this will we put an end to unemployment, creating a strong business culture”, said Ana López Caparrós.


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