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A British sculptor hopes that his artistic figures from discarded metal will raise funds
09.05.14 - 14:34 -
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Scrap sculptures for children in Syria
Mike Symons uses scrap metal and bits of machinery to form his metal sculptures. :: SUR
A British sculptor who uses redundant and recycled agricultural metal to create unique works of art is hoping that an exhibition will attract a sponsor to raise funds for children affected by the current conflict in Syria.
Mike Symons began creating figures and animal sculptures from scrap metal and discarded farm machinery five years ago and he says that so far he has sold between forty and fifty pieces.
Now a collection of his works is on display at the Cactus and Succulent Museum in his home village of Casarabonela but Mike hopes that one piece in particular might inspire someone to make a large donation to the ‘Save the Children’ charity, to help support children living through the Syrian uprising which began three years ago as part of the Arab Spring.
“I have created a sculpture of a quill pen from an old mule plough and I am looking to give it as a memento to someone who will provide a substantial donation to Save the Children,” Mike told SUR in English, adding that he chose the charity after following the plight of the children in the media.
“I know there are lots of good causes out there but Syria is pretty close to home and I do think that with lots of disenfranchised youngsters, it is a potential hotbed for extremist groups like Al-Qaeda,” said Mike, who added that he can help more by selling his sculptures than he could ever afford to donate in money.
As well as the quill sculpture which has been installed this week, the exhibition of Mike’s work at the Casarabonela museum also includes a two and a half metre long crocodile made from recycled Rotavator blades, some flamingos and a full sized bull with a matador whose cloak is made from flattened out corrugated iron.
“Sometimes I see interesting shapes, especially on old machinery, and I think, I know what that could be,” said Mike, who also enjoys it when people work out what the sculptures might have originally been a part of.
“Some of the metal is just reinforcing bar rescued from old concrete but the local farmers are always intrigued to see what I have made from abandoned agricultural machinery!”
The exhibition of Mike Symons’s sculptures is at the Jardín Botánico de Cactus, Carretera A-7275, Casarabonela, Malaga.
For more information contact Mike on 669120345.


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