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One fortunate, and anonymous, ticket-holder pockets 15 million euros and a monthly sum of 6,000 euros for 25 years
09.05.14 - 12:46 -
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Mother’s Day luck in Pedregalejo
The vendor with the two lucky sisters on Monday. :: Á. C.
Sisters Dolores and Ana Rodríguez, who own two restaurants on the seafront in Pedregalejo, were celebrating on Monday. They had barely slept but their faces shone with happiness that hid any sign of a sleepless night. The previous evening they had discovered that the ONCE tickets they had bought for the special Mother’s Day draw had each won a 40,000-euro share of the biggest prize ever to land in the province of Malaga in the history of this lottery, organised by the Spanish association for the blind.
Tickets worth a total of 17.6 million euros had been sold by vendors in the Pedregalejo area as well as in the Guadalhorce and Santa Teresa industrial estates. In total 21 winning tickets had been sold in Malaga, but only one of them also had the lucky series number (071). The holder of that ticket has won a lump sum of 15 million euros and a ‘salary’ of 6,000 euros a month for the next 25 years.
The identity of the lucky winner has not been revealed. The only clues provided by vendor Bruno Grymierski on Monday were that the ticket had been bought by a client or employee of one of the restaurants on the seafront.
While on Sunday morning Bruno still had a few tickets of the winning number, 71223, left to sell, he did the rounds of the restaurant terraces until he had sold them all. It was the last one he sold that carried the series number 071, now worth 16.8 million euros.
Ana Ramírez, who owns the restaurant ‘Los Espigones’, let the millions slip through her fingers.
“I took the last two he had left, but in the end I changed one for a number that ended in the year my son was born,” she explained on Monday, as she thought of what she would have done with 16 million.
“I would have brought my daughter, my son-in-law and my grandson home from Dubai, where they went to work,” she said.
Ana, who had the winning number but not the series, didn’t know that her sister Dolores had bought the same number and also won 40,000 euros. When they realised the two got together and celebrated into the early hours. “It was the best Mother’s Day present,” they agreed.
Bruno Grymierski heard from a friend on Monday morning that he had sold the prize-winning tickets for the Mother’s Day special draw.
“After ten years it was time I sold a big prize,” he said.
Bruno sells ONCE tickets every day around the restaurants on the seafront in Pedregalejo. Moroccan by nationality, although his father was Polish, Bruno came to Malaga 37 years ago; he lives with his wife and daughter. His delight at having sold the winning tickets was shared by fellow vendor Antonio Rioja, who sold another 11 winning tickets in the Guadalhorce and Santa Teresa industrial estates.


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