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The seventh edition of Malaga's Noche en Blanco will take place this Saturday
09.05.14 - 12:57 -
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Malaga to be transformed into a labyrinth of adventure
This year’s event is focused on a fairytale theme.
If you find yourself faced with a human-sized Puss-in-Boots, happen to spot a witch roaming around Plaza de la Constitución, or sight an ogre strolling down Calle Larios after 8pm this Saturday, don’t be alarmed: for the seventh edition of the Noche en Blanco, the theme this year is ‘Once Upon a Time’, and it will be featuring fairytale-centred exhibitions and art.
This Saturday, more than 200 different cultural events will be transforming Malaga into a wonderland, all of which are open to the public and are free. Many of these events (at least 60) will be focused around the family or on children’s activities.
A total of 131 spaces across the city and around 46 museums and galleries will be opened for the night’s events, from La Araña, through OMAU, right up to La Térmica. As part of the art events, fairytale characters will come to life in Calle Larios and along Tomás Heredia from the beginning of the evening. Plaza de la Merced will be transformed into a labyrinth and the Muelle Uno will be travelling to Treasure Island with art.
Various groups will be headlining the musical events: El Teatro Romano, will be kicking things off with the Coro del Liceo from 7pm. Jaime Terrón (Melocos), Fernando López (Modestia Aparte), Pablo Carbonell (Toreros Muertos) and Triboo Pop will be playing in a small concert in the CCP from 10.30pm onwards, and La Guardia are playing in plaza de la Constitución from 9:30pm, to celebrate 30 years of being in action. In addition, the 25th anniversary of the Coro de Ópera de Malaga will be being celebrated at the Patio de los Naranjos at 9:30pm, Teatro Echegaray from 10.30pm and at Cervantes from 1am.
There will also be visual arts events and workshops, models, a screening of Alonso Quijano ‘ Hans Christian Andersen’ and a Kurt Cobain documentary (the latter in The Térmica from 8pm) and many more artistic activities.
Download the full programme of activities here.


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