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The underground complex will have 2,000 square metres reserved for showing works of art and will cost 5.1 million euros to complete
09.05.14 - 13:11 -
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Malaga Pompidou Centre to be completed within six months
An artist’s impression of the future Pompidou Centre located in Muelle Uno. :: SUR
Malaga City Council is to debate today (Friday) the project to turn the city’s Port Cube, located in Muelle Uno, into the first branch of the Pompidou Centre outside France. The project will include 2,000 square metres devoted to exhibiting works of art.
The plans on paper reveal that the changes will be “organised in two stages”. The Ayuntamiento has revealed that it does have the adequate funds to carry out the development which should be completed by early 2015.
“The first phase will provide the bulk of the architectural adjustments to the zone and will cost 5.1 million euros. Meanwhile, the second part will allow the development of the sections associated with the museum and its facilities (mainly security and lighting) at a cost of 900,000 euros,” according to the plans.
The Ayuntamiento will be the sole funder of the development of Pompidou Centre which is an expansion of the exhibition centre in Paris of the same name that is home to Europe’s largest modern art museum, the Musée National d’Art Moderne.
The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, stated this week: “For this year we have a budget for the project of 2.5 million (euros) and we have made a provision of 2.6 million for 2015 and that is how we will get to the total 5.1 million euros.”
Of the 6,300 square metres that the building will cover, over 2,000 will be used to exhibit art (1,665 for the permanent collection and 365 for temporary exhibitions). The floor space is “more or less the same as that of the Thyssen and over double the size of Mupam (Museo del Patrimonio Municipal),” said the Mayor.
As well as an exhibition centre, the completed complex will also have space for an education section, a workshop, a shop and a cafeteria. The lowest level zone will house the permanent collection.


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