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A delegation from the Costa del Sol travelled to Dubai in order to promote Andalucía as a tourist destination for visitors from the Middle East
09.05.14 - 12:31 -
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Andalucía goes to Dubai to boost tourism links with the Middle East
The Costa del Sol delegation with Saudi business executives. :: SUR
The Middle East’s most important tourism fair, the Arabian Travel Market, took place this week as a delegation from the Costa del Sol and Andalucía aimed to attract investment.
One of the delegation’s principal objectives was to increase the number of flights from the Middle East to the region in order to attract tourists with the potential to spend around 2,000 euros a day during their stay.
The group from the Costa del Sol was headed by the President of the area’s tourist board, Elías Bendodo, who was joined by Mayors of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavís. The group met with the managers of Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines) and Etihad Airways.
Bendodo revealed that the Costa has strengthened its links with the Middle East and that the main airlines from the region believe the Costa del Sol to be a key destination in their expansion plans.
“Both Saudia and Etihad have reached agreements year with Air Europa to improve the connections between Saudi Arabia and Spain,” stated Bendodo.


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