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Salvador Martín discovered the Civil War shell while diving off San Ramón beach
06.05.14 - 10:34 -
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Bomb found off the coast of Marbella
Salvador Martín. J-L
Salvador Martín made an unexpected find while free diving off San Ramón beach in Marbella on Monday. At a depth of 16 metres, around a kilometre and a half from the shore, he discovered an object that turned out to be a bomb, possibly dropped from the air during the Civil War.
The artefact had corroded over the years and had stones welded to its side.
Martín, who has been diving for 40 years, managed to carry the bomb to the shore and contact the Civil Protection service.
He told SUR, however, that he wouldn’t recommend an inexperienced diver to try to do the same.
Police cordoned off the seafront promenade at this point, near Hotel El Fuerte Miramar, for an hour while the bomb was removed by Guardia Civil explosives experts.
The bomb measured around 60 by 30 centimetres and weighed some 35 kilos.


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