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A group of protesters are attempting to stop the trees' removal
05.05.14 - 14:37 -
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In defence of Marbella’s trees
Members of ‘Marbella for its Trees’ this week. :: josele-lanza
The civil platform ‘Marbella for its Trees’ took to the streets this week to protest against the decision by the council to remove the trees on Calle Notario Luis Oliver so that street repairs may take place.
In one section they held up banners reading ‘death row’, and another part with ‘living forest’. The idea was to collect these two moments in a report with photos. “In some we celebrate the coming of spring and the explosion of life that these trees represent, and in others we denounce the news of their removal by our Ayuntamiento,” explained the group’s spokeswoman, Ania Rodríguez.
“This is another example of our opposition to the removal of these trees. We are not saying that all the trees are in a healthy condition, because it is clear that some of them have had branches removed. But it is still possible to see the crowns of many of them to realise that they are full of life,” defended Rodríguez who has submitted a counter report to the Ayuntamiento. After two failed meetings with council members and the civil group, a third is set to take place on 9 May.


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