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Protesters in Malaga called for quality employment and a way out of the crisis
02.05.14 - 10:09 -
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Thousands join May Day workers' rally
The rally in Malaga. ÁLVARO CABRERA
Unemployment and government cuts were the main issues on the agenda at Thursday's May Day workers' rally in the centre of Malaga.
The event came just a day after the latest EPA active population survey results were released revealing more than 285,000 unemployed in the province of Malaga and 100,000 households with no member in work as well as thousands with no benefit entitlements.
Around 5,000 people, according to SUR's calculations (10,000 according to the trade unions and 800 accoridng to the government) joined the rally in the city centre.
Quality employment
They made their way from the Alameda de Colón towards the Plaza de la Constitución behind a banner that carried the day's slogan: "No recovery without quality employment."
María Auxiliadora Jiménez, the leader of the UGT union in Malaga, said at the start of the rally, "The first of May is not a party, but a day to fight and make demands; we have more reason than ever to demonstrate."
Jiménez added that the controversial labour reform had led to the destruction of 43,000 jobs in the province.
Meanwhile the local leader of the other main trade union, CCOO (Comisiones Obreras), Antonio Herrera, encouraged people to vote in the European elections on 25 May in favour of a change "in defence of citizens' interests and not those of the bank."
The same slogan, demanding quality employment, was carried through the streets of 70 towns and cities around Spain on Thursday.


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