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The 20th Feria Internacional de los Pueblos took place on the Fuengirola fairground last weekend
02.05.14 - 09:45 -
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Round the world in Fuengirola
Street entertainment at the Feria Internacional de los Pueblos. M. C. JAIME
Costa del Sol as residents from 33 Spanish regions and countries gathered in Fuengirola’s fairground for five days of culture last weekend. More than a million people were expected to visit the town for the Feria Internacional de los Pueblos.
New additions this year were Austria, Jamaica and Senegal as well as Denmark, which returned to the celebration after a 19-year absence.
Each country had its own ‘caseta’ where visitors could experience their best cuisine, music, dance, customs and artisan products. The traditional and colourful street parade in which all 33 countries and regions took part entertained the crowds of Saturday while live performances by groups from all over the world took place throughout the weekend.


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