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Author Chris Stewart plans to cover one of Europe’s most challenging hiking trails in June
29.04.14 - 10:42 -
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Climbing peaks for Acompalia
Chris Stewart, training hard for his 3,000 metre peaks. :: SUR
‘Driving Over Lemons’ author Chris Stewart is training to take part in one of Europe’s most challenging hiking trails, the ‘Integral de los Tresmiles’ in June. Along with walking partners, farmer Nick Cranham and his brother Glenn, Chris is seeking sponsors to raise funds for Granada-based hospice and palliative care charity, Acompalia.
The figure in the name of the trail refers to the height, 3,000 metres, of around 15 peaks incorporated in this gruelling route in the Sierra Nevada, featuring some of the most dramatic scenery in mainland Spain. Chris and his companions hope to complete the trail in four days, from Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th June.
The author, who lives in the Contraviesa mountains south of Granada, where Nick also has a farm, is one of the vice-presidents of Acompalia, a charity that was set up in the province of Granada in 2012.
The group’s aim is to set up home counselling, professional support, palliative care, and, ultimately, a hospice in Motril.
“Times are hard, our leaders have let us down and support from the State is dwindling. But it’s not all bad. We’re having to become more self-reliant, and Acompalia is a great example of that,” explained Chris.
“Life-threatening diseases have not gone away with the economic crisis, nor the fear and desperation that come in their wake to afflict patients, families and friends,” he added. “I feel privileged to be part of this organisation, because I believe that this is our future; that initiatives like Acompalia are the way for us to achieve a just and compassionate society.”
Fore more information visit Tel: 958 784 055 or email


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