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Measures to ease the administrative procedures are part of a new decree and were promised by Susana Díaz at her inauguration
25.04.14 - 12:03 -
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Junta reduces bureaucracy for starting new businesses
José Sánchez Maldonado, Junta head of economy. :: EFE
Setting-up a company in Andalucía will be easier as soon as the decree to reduce the amount of administrative obstacles, passed earlier this week at a cabinet meeting, is put into action.
The deal, promised by the new head of the Junta, Susana Díaz, at her inauguration, is one of the most called-for by entrepreneurs who consider that the amount of administrative procedures necessary is a major obstacle to the creation of new companies.
The new agreement means that a business can start functioning within 48 hours, in some cases, according to economy chief José Sánchez Maldonado.
According to the World Bank, opening a business in Spain requires an average of ten procedures and 23 days, double the average of countries in the OECD (the organisation for economic co-operation and development) which is five processes and 11 days.
The decree, protected by law, reduces or eliminates 64 administrative procedures and at the same time will work with the government to do the same for the amount of red tape it requires. The paperwork which has to be completed currently by business owners is expected to be reduced by thirty per cent with the measure.
The Junta has also created a ‘declaración de inocuidad’ (decaration of harmlessness) which gives town councils the possibility of waiving environmental impact tests in new businesses that clearly will not create any major nuisance and of making alterations to the current conrequirements for health and safety, damage to public or private property and risk. The Junta has also promised to help with public notary and registration costs involved in setting up a new business.
Sánchez Maldonado says that the new measures will be up and running by the end of the year.