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Gibraltar's Alameda Botanic Garden Theatre will host the second festival with a variety of international artists
25.04.14 - 13:19 -
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Fringe Festival returns to the Rock
Australian acoustic rock band The Dopes. :: SUR
Performing art aficionados are in for a treat when the Fringe Festival returns to Gibraltar next month.
The event is now is its second year and has eight acts and one free performance confirmed so far.
It’s hoped hundreds will pack the Alameda Botanic Garden’s Open Air Theatre for the festival which runs from 15 to 18 May.
Inspired by the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the event will feature acts including rock bands, acoustic performances and a family show on the final day.
Organiser Schirin Boudny, told SUR in English: “This year we have a very musical festival ranging from ukulele cabaret from the UK to an Australian rock band.
“Visitors have the chance to be entertained in a wonderful and unique environment while having a drink and listening to great tunes.
“Coming to see a performance at the gardens gives you the chance to enjoy the surroundings and relax.”
Acts include Australian acoustic rock band The Dopes, Northern Irish singer/songwriter Paddy Taylor and a flamenco fusion act featuring Dr. Keith Vinnicombe and Andrew Pons.
One of the festival’s more diverse acts, The Blue Balloon, features live music, dancing and plenty of audience participation - while raising the issue of looking after the planet.
The performances are set to last between 30 and 60 minutes with tickets priced between £6 and £10 - depending on the performance.