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The latest Survey into Social Reality shows that people feel very strong ties to this region
25.04.14 - 13:02 -
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Andalusians believe they have their own identity
Only 16% of Andalusians say they would rather live somewhere else. :: SUR
Andalusian people are very happy to be living in Andalucía; they feel that their roots are here and they are part of a community which has its own, very different, identity. However, this sensation of being different from the rest does not appear to mean that they feel excluded, because nearly two-thirds of those who took part in a survey, 63.2 per cent, say they feel as Spanish as they are Andalusian.
This is the result of a survey of 1,000 people which was carried out in January and forms part of the Survey into the Social Reality of Andalucía , a project which was begun by the Centre of Andalusian Studies to continually monitor the opinions of people in the autonomous region and which on this occasion was focusing upon a key question: What does “being Andalusian” signify for the resident population in Andalucía?
Nine out of ten of those surveyed believe that Andalucía differs from other regions. This opinion is shared particularly by middle-aged people, those who were educated at university and are ideologically positioned in the centre or on the left.
Why is this? There are not many surprises among the opinions. About 36.3 per cent of those interviewed said that Andalucía is different because of the character of its population (friendly and welcoming). This was followed, quite a way behind, by the climate (21.9%) and the landscapes (10.6%). Other characteristics which were valued below 10% were the lifestyle (the balance between work and leisure, working to live, etc: 8.5%); the cultural and historic heritage (monuments, museums, history etc: 5.8%); and the gastronomy (4.6%). A small minority (1.7%) mentioned the  underdeveloped economy as a sign of identity. The language came even lower down, with 1%.
Level of satisfaction
Those questioned did not feel excluded from the rest of Spain: 11.3 per cent said they felt more Spanish than Andalusian and a few more, 17.4 per cent, said the opposite, that they feel more Andalusian than Spanish. When it comes to how deep-rooted they feel in Andalucía, however, on a scale of one to ten the Andalusians marked an average of 8.8 for their level of satisfaction about living in Andalucía while only 16 per cent said they would rather live somewhere else. Of those who would like to leave, 28.7 per cent were aged between 16 and 29, 21.5 per cent have a university education and 18.8 per cent stayed on at school. Asked where they would like to go, more than half of this group (43.8%) wanted to live elsewhere in Spain, 19.9% somewhere else in the world and 8.9% in another part of southern Europe. About 15.8% who said they would like to move away from Andalucía said they wouldn’t mind where they went.
Andalusian people see themselves as being happy (16.4%) and sociable (15.8%). Fewer of them, however, consider themselves optimistic (4.5%), kind (5.9%) or amusing (3.6%). Other questions referred to their attitude towards work. Of those asked, 12.2% described Andalusian people as hard-working, 3.3% as strivers and 4.3% as subservient. With regard to attitudes towards community life, 9.1% said they were loners and 11.5% described themselves as respectable citizens.


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