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A private project is to replace the disused warehouses on the Ojén road with commercial premises and car parks
22.04.14 - 13:56 -
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Marbella’s Plaza de Toros area to gain a new commercial centre
The project will remove the unsightly view from the Ojén road. :: J-L
A new private development project announced last week promises to change the image of the Plaza de Toros neighbourhood of Marbella, one of the main routes into the town from the motorway.
The project, which has be given the green light by the town hall, will do away with the unsightly empty warehouses on this part of the Ojén road and turn an area of 32,811 square metres into a commercial centre and car parks.
The development will be carried out by a group formed by the owners of the land in which the town hall will have a small percentage share.
Last Tuesday the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, showed initial sketches of what the area will look like.
“We are talking about a new centre of Andalusian design and low height that will completely change the image of this route into the town as well as revitalising the local neighbourhood, which this year is 50 years old,” said the mayor.
According to the deal made with the town hall the land owners must give the local authority more than 20,000 square metres of land, 8,445 for green zones, 3,492 for roads and 9,227 for education, which will be used for the extension of the Antonio Machado primary school.
The commercial centre will cover 11,600 square metres and have parking spaces for between 600 and 700 vehicles. These spaces will benefit users of the new Foreigners and Social Security centres due to open soon.
No deadlines have been set but the town hall thinks that work could start at the beginning of next year.


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