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An event at the British Consulate last week stressed the importance of registering on the ‘padrón’ to have access to and improve local services
21.04.14 - 12:53 -
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Consulate supports town halls in drive to boost registration
Representatives of town halls around the province met at the Consulate last week. :: SUR
The British Consulate, town halls from across the province of Malaga and the National Statistics Institute (INE) have agreed to work together to ensure that all British residents are registered with their local town hall.
Vice Consul Rosslyn Crotty explained, “It is vital that British residents are aware of the services they can access provided they register on the ‘padrón’ in the town where they are living.”
She added, “Town halls across Malaga are making great efforts to help British residents integrate in their communities.”
Representatives of the town halls stressed the importance of making the process of registering on the ‘padrón’ as easy as possible.
The National Statistics Institute added that there are around 300,000 foreigners currently registered in the province of Malaga, 77,000 of whom are British. However, it is estimated that the actual number of Brits living in the province could be more than double that.
It is believed that one of the reasons behind this is that residents do not know they are required by law to register, and neither are they aware of the benefits this brings, such as access to education and local and social services.
During the meeting, the town halls announced the campaigns they are running and the measures they are taking to help Brits overcome the language barrier when registering. They stressed that foreigners’ and tourism departments at the Town Halls have staff of different nationalities who can help residents register on the ‘padrón’.
All the local authorities represented at the event agreed that the main reason for not registering on the ‘padrón’ was fear of state control of financial matters, when in fact it is designed to help town halls find out who and how many people are living in their area, without entering into investigations about their status or financial situation.
The event concluded with a common objective: to work together to ensure that all foreign residents are registered, which will benefit both residents and town halls.  


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