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Antonio Banderas taught the former prime minister and his family about the Holy Week traditions in Malaga
21.04.14 - 10:47 -
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The Blairs enjoy Holy Week on the Costa del Sol
Bernardino León, Antonio Banderas, Cherie Blair, Tony Blair, Francisco de la Torre and Carolina España in Malaga's Hotel Larios Room Mate. :: FELIX LORENZO
The Blairs arrived for their Easter break on Good Friday and were hosted by Malaga-born actor Antonio Banderas and the city's Mayor, Francisco de la Torre. The group watched the processions from a balcony in Hotel Room Mate Larios. Blair was fascinated by the spectacle that took place in the city centre.
The family group made up of Tony and his wife Cherie, two of their four children and a middle-aged women also spent some time in Marbella. However, it wasn’t easy to catch them on camera as they were accompanied by three bodyguards, set on blocking the photographer’s view.
The couple were photographed at around midday on Wednesday in Marbella's Avenida Ramón y Cajal where their walk through the town centre ended in the Plaza del Mar underground car park.
Before that the family group had strolled down some of the most typical streets of Marbella’s old town. Their walk had taken them past several shops and they had stopped at many of them but there were no bags in sight when they finished their visit. Neither, as far as we know, did they spend any money in local bars or cafeterias.
Two shops in Calle Nueva particularly attracted the family’s attention. The children were drawn to the colourful display of traditional toys in the British style Toy Shop. Owner Cayetana Rodríguez didn’t hesitate to offer her hand to the man who headed the British government for ten years.
“I ran out to greet him. He seemed really nice, although it was all very fast,” said the business owner, who added that she had had time to tell him how happy she was to see him in Marbella.
Florencia Galdós, the owner of Bee boutique, also had the chance to say hello to the former prime minister whom she described as polite and pleasant. Tony waited outside with the children while Cherie and her companion went into the shop to look at the clothes. They didn’t buy anything or try anything on but they did promise to go back as they left.
“He waited outside, smiling in the sunshine,” explained the shopkeeper.
No one recognised the couple, however, when they stepped inside the parish church of La Encarnación. It was full of members of the Nazareno brotherhood preparing for that night’s procession, who just passed them off as more “guiri” tourists.
This is not the Blairs’ first visit to Marbella. In August 2012 they stayed with friends in the exclusive La Zagaleta development.


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