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Spanish director Santi Amodeo is to film ‘Me, my wife and my dead wife’, set in Marbella and the UK
11.04.14 - 15:34 -
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Luxury Marbella on film
Santi Amodeo, at the shooting of his previous film. :: sur
Spanish director Santi Amodeo is to film ‘Me, my wife and my dead wife’, set in Marbella and the UK
Santi Amodeo has announced his fifth film, a story of mystery and death set in the UK and Marbella. However the puzzle is not the death itself but the life that led up to it.
The suspense in ‘Me, my wife and my dead wife’ is found in the last wish of a British woman before her death: that her ashes be scattered in Marbella. The request leaves her husband dumbfounded as throughout their entire marriage they had never been there.
The film tells the story of this 70-year-old man, who is about to bury his wife in the local cemetery alongside his future grave when he discovers her final wish. The plot takes the audience through her secret past in Marbella.
The director’s “first aim was to film in Marbella”, he explained, and to capture the exclusive and sumptuous villas never seen by those whose bank balances don’t reach seven figures. The nationality of the protagonist was not important, although he needed to be European. Finally, having found partners in the UK, it was decided that the main character would be British and Amodeo pointed out enthusiatically that, although he cannot give names, “it will be a star”.
The popular film maker whose previous works like ‘¿Quién mató a Bambi?’ (Who Killed Bambi?) have found themselves in the top most-watched Spanish films, has worked before in England. His first film, ‘El Factor Pilgrim’ (The Pilgrim Factor), was set in London.
From London to the Costa
Set to have a big budget, the film will reveal the “luxuriuos Marbella with its marvellous scenes that usually people don’t get to see,” said Amodeo. The Seville director has filmed on the Costa del Sol many times before in places such as La Cala and Torremolinos.